About Me

I welcome you to my page, my name is Julia. I am a musician, singer, composer, and classical guitarist. You may wonder, how all of this might be related to rugs?

How the idea to create More Than Rugs was born

Beauty has many forms and I enjoy creating beautiful things, whether it is music, painting, weaving – it is all about seeking harmony in different forms of expression.

Knitting has accompanied my life since childhood. One may say knitting is yoga for the brain. People who knit feel happier.

For me, knitting is a pleasure of creativity, a deep meditative process, contemplation of the present moment.

I was fascinated by the idea of creating rugs when one day I came across a photo of one made with a crochet. I had a feeling of wonder! I have never seen anything like it and, of course, I immediately wanted to have this beauty at home.

In fact, this rug has its’ volume and it seems almost three-dimensional, I have not seen such products in anywhere.

I mastered this technique, knitted my rug, I was carried away by its beauty and now I would like to share this incredible find with the world.

This is how the idea to create “More Than Rugs” was born.